Information security doesn’t have to be complicated or boring.  That’s why we used this picture of a smart girl that doesn’t work for us on a beautiful day in a city we don’t know to get your attention.  Now we only need 30 more seconds to teach you something about information security. So, without further ado, 3 quick reasons to train employees on information security.

1. Hackers aren’t targeting you…wait, what?

You aren’t a target – so why train employees? Because hackers don’t just target the big fish for big pay days, they automate thousands of attacks with little effort and lots of smaller pay days. They don’t care about you, or even know they are attacking you, but you’re in the splash zone. Train your employees to protect your business.

2. Front of mind

“Information security is common sense,” said Joe Schmo. Yeah – you’re right. It’s not rocket science, but if you don’t ensure that protecting your business is front of mind for all employees who will? In football we often see high paid wide receivers drop a pass because they are looking up the field to score a touchdown – they think the catch is automatic and look past it. You may have a professional staff with smart folks that ‘get’ it, but what if they are looking downfield and make a simple mistake that puts your customers data at risk? Annual/semi-annual training keeps common sense front of mind.

3. Your stakeholders require it

If you’re working with the Fortune 1000 or have business insurance they require that you train employees on information security. That’s why we started this company – our growing business needed a solution to satisfy a Fortune 500 customer requirement. At the same time we had to increase our insurance coverage and that required proof of training. Finally, we had smart employees, customers, and colleagues that deserved a proactive approach to protecting all of their sensitive information.

There it is – I promised 3 quick reasons to train employees on information security. Now, for a quick solution to train your team check out our site at and contact us at . Thank you!