Shame Scammers

Good morning everyone. This is Jon from Wuvavi. Last week we had published an article
about an attack going on right now where shame scammers are claiming they’ve
recorded you watching porn from your webcam.

We’ve been seeing this with some friends and family, customers but a good it of people have had this pop up in
their inbox in the last couple weeks and said they’re they’re happy that we made them aware of what’s going on. We’ve had a ton of interest on it from our websites we just want to keep raising awareness about this attack that’s happening right now so you can recognize it and and everyone in your in your network can’t recognize it as well.

So I’ll pull the email up here we can dissect it a little bit see what’s going on.

Dissecting the Email

The inbox or so when it comes in it typically the subject line has a username and a password that’s a real password that people are using so it starts with I will cut to the chase, I’m aware that this is your password, moreover I’m aware about your secret and have proof of it. You do not know me and no one hired me to examine you. So this first line is really trying to instill fear that they have your password and build trust, and trust that this is legitimate you know we’re not just sending some email and hoping some
people click on it. We’ve gone through the steps to get your password so everything I say following this line is must be true.

So then it is just your misfortune of discovered you discovered your misdemeanor. In fact I actually installed a malware on the adult videos and we began operating as an RDP with a keylogger so they were able to get our password and get access
to the webcam. Again, instilling additional fear so that they continue that the reader continues to believe that this is true and they’re going to follow or finish at least finish the email.

So after saying that they have gained access to your computer and they’ve taken the time to do a double screen video where the first displays the video of you viewing a video and the second is a recording of the actual video. So then he’s nice people that they are they say they’re willing to forget about the details about you and get on it with their daily life and there are two options to do that.

So the two options first option is to ignore the email so if you decide to do that that’s quite all right he says but he has scraped your family your friends your your professional network off of social media and they’re going to share that video with all of them so let’s say they send a scam email to ten people, and 80% of them ignore the email. This this paragraph or this first option is trying to decrease
the amount of people that ignore the email. They want to make their they want to increase the efficiency of their work. To try to get more people to send the money so they offer this first option or they’re going to share all of these details. If you have if you’ve bought into the first few lines about the password then when you get to this point you’re probably very terrified and ready to do pretty much anything to make sure this doesn’t happen. So the second option is to pay twenty nine hundred dollars in Bitcoin and they’ll keep
their secret your secret safe, they’ll delete the video, and you can pretend like this never happened. Then they they have one more final option ‘I will  go to the cops’ but then they just go on to say that they have covered their steps and that won’t that will they’ll still release the video and he’ll never be caught so they’re kind of trying to again decrease the amount of people that ignore or report this, and  increase the the amount of people that send the Bitcoin, right?

The Story Increases Efficiency for Scammers

It’s just a numbers game for these scammers. The more people that they can get to act on it quickly, the more money they’ll make. So here they provide a Bitcoin address, the amount that they’re looking for, they direct you on how to do it. So the last paragraph here they’re telling you that the Bitcoin will take a little bit of time to purchase and send so they need to get started on it immediately. They
have two days until the the scammer sends this to all their friends and family so they need to get started on it immediately. And again they remind them that the details of what’s going to happen. So the scammer does a nice job here of creating trust, creating fear, and creating a timeline for doing this and trying to increase the action taken by the the folks receiving this email.

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So as with anything and all these phishing emails awareness is one of the most important things. People that you know will receive
this. It’s best that they they know it’s coming and you help them recognize it. One more thing to note it does not seem that these scammers have successfully gained access to any computers or recorded any video. It seems that they have scraped these details off the dark web from probably some other attack or some other breach where and now they’re just using this storyline to monetize those passwords that that they purchased from from probably some other hacker. With that said the number one thing you should do whenever you get this is make sure that you change your passwords. Especially if that’s a and up-to-date password that that you see on there. Alright everybody I appreciate your time. I hope this helps I hope this if you catch this it does not scare you too much now that you’re aware of it and let us know if you have any questions.