Simulate Phishing and Put Your Employees To The Test

Evaluate your company's security posture with afree simulated phishing attack

Every day, businesses of all sizes fall victim to cyber attacks. The #1 entry point is through employee actions. Put your employees to the test to see how they respond to a simulated phishing attack that mimics real-world phishing emails. Track their actions and see a full report on where your organization needs to improve.

Our FREE Phishing Test includes:

  • A simulated phishing email sent to every employee
  • Full analysis including who opened the email and who clicked
  • Full report including recommendations on how to improve your cybersecurity efforts
  • And more!

Free Phishing Test

Phishing Simulation Protects Your Business

Improve Employee Behavior

Employees that click the Phishing links are educated on how to avoid future attacks

Identify Weakspots

Identify who needs more training and assistance and efficiently invest into their improvement

Reduce Risk

Educated employees are less likely to cause an unintentional breach

Reduce Liability

Proactive and documented cybersecurity efforts can limit your liability in the event of a breach