Increase Employee Awareness with a Simulated Phishing Attack

Simulate Phishing Attacks.  Train Employees.  Protect Your Business.

How does it work?

We provide a 14 day free trial to our free phishing simulation platform. Simply add your employee emails, enroll them in a phishing campaign, and hit go! When employees click on a link in the simulated phishing email they'll receive instant training on the red flags to identify future phishing emails.

It's that easy.

In addition, you'll be able to see which employees click a link and you will have access to our awareness training.

Who should use it?

Wuvavi is the only employee cybersecurity awareness platform designed for small and medium sized businesses. It's easy to use whether you're in IT, HR, a business owner, or an MSP.

Is there a catch?

Nope, no funny business. All it takes to start your account is your name, company, and email. We don't even ask you for your credit card.

Free Simulated Phishing Test

Full Access - 14 Day Free Trial

Why Use Wuvavi?

Sign Up and Deploy Today

Sign up and start your simulated phishing campaign in under 3 minutes.

Track Opens and Clicks

Simulate a phishing attack on your employees, track opens and clicks, and deliver instant training when an employee clicks.

Employee Management

Our dashboard allows you to easily deploy and manage an employee cybersecurity awareness program.

Certificate of Completion

Prove to your customers and vendors that you simulate phishing attacks and train your employees.