What is Leadership Training?

Cybersecurity starts with the leadership team across your organization. Our half day workshop at your office (or off-location) prepares your leadership team to support a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

Purpose to Believe In

Leadership Training starts with creating a purpose to believe in.  Cybersecurity is about protecting customers, employees, and the organizations future.

Lead by Example

Raising awareness of the risks in the boardroom and creating a shared vision for the organization provides a base for organizational wide behavior change.

Employee Awareness

Leadership will learn the risks faced by employees, and how to manage those risks to protect their team.


Leaders will learn how communication plays a role in cybersecurity, and how communication across the organization will improve response time and reduce risk.

When is Leadership Training Necessary?

If your organization is investing in cybersecurity, and struggling with leadership buy-in, policy adoption, or general awareness from the leadership team, Leadership Training may be the right solution for you.

Here's What to Expect

Our workshop starts with building an understanding that includes the value of cybersecurity for the organization beyond IT - thinking about customers, employees, and the future of the business.

Once the team has a common understanding for the value of cybersecurity, we jump into common attacks to leadership and various outcomes. The goal of this section of the workshop is to raise awareness and buy-in within the leadership team.

Next, we shift our focus to employees. We cover the risks employees face, how employees play a role in cybersecurity, and how leadership can better support these employees.

Finally, we develop a communication strategy that raises employee awareness, improves response time to threats, and creates an ongoing culture of cybersecurity awareness.

Schedule a Discussion

We'll reach out to you to schedule an introduction to learn more about you, your organization, and share our process.