Partner with Us.

Provide your customers with a co-branded or whitelabeled employee cybersecurity awareness platform.

Big Market

CSO online reports that the awareness training market exceeds $1 billion globally, and is growing 13% per year.

Customers in Need

Your customers need an annual cyber awareness program to minimize their risk and comply with customer and industry standards.

Make it easy

You don't have time to figure out costs and wait for quotes. Provide a simple pricing model and win deals faster.

Manage your Customers

You're busy.  Our design makes it easy to add new customers and manage their accounts.

Why partner with Wuvavi?

We’ve led IT teams and bought awareness platforms from the big guys.  Their products are not built with the SMB in mind.  Wuvavi was developed with the goal of providing an enterprise grade employee awareness platform to SMBs.

OK, that’s the touchy feely reason why.  What’s in it for you?

  • Co-branded or whitelabeled employee awareness platform
  • Simple pricing model (Seriously, it’s right here)
  • Great margins because we believe a good partnership only works if both partners are successful
  • Add a new revenue stream with your existing clients
  • Differentiate your services for new clients
  • Maintain control over the sales process and client communication
  • Partner support – webinars, case studies, SEO guidance, and more
  • Launch an awareness program in minutes, no cost, no risk
  • No minimum purchase requirements

Here's What to Expect

We want to learn more about you and your customers to find the best way to support you. Whether that's a one off opportunity, a co-branded service, or a white labeled solution. We'll schedule time to introduce ourselves, learn more about you, and share our product. We'll even give you access to play around with our tech.

Schedule a Discussion

We'll reach out to you to schedule an introduction.  We want to do business with you.