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How Phishing Simulation Works

Put your training to the test with automated Phishing simulations


Automatically start Phishing after employees are trained, or enroll them at any time.


Employees receive Phishing emails at various times using different themes.


Track activity and receive alerts on high-risk employee actions.


Our Phishing Simulator allows you to enroll employees at any time, or you can automatically enroll employees in the simulation once they complete the Phishing training module. See the results at any time on the Wuvavi Dashboard!

Unlimited Use

Enroll your employees in unlimited Phishing campaigns, at any time.

Multiple Campaigns

Choose from multiple Phishing simulation campaigns based on themes, length, and more.

Track Activity

Monitor individual activities such as if they opened the email, clicked a link, and more.


Identify high-risk employees easily as alerts are sent for risky employee actions.

Automated Enrollment

Automatically enroll employees in a campaign once they have completed the Phishing training.

Bulk Enrollment

Bulk enroll or individually enroll employees in a Phishing simulation.

Phishing Campaigns

Choose campaigns based on themes, timeline, and more! Our campaigns offer different ways to test your employee's ability to identify suspicious emails!

By Time

Choose a campaign based on the number of emails and how long they will be sent for
  • Default (3 emails, 4 weeks)
  • Fast (3 emails, 1 week)
  • Long (8 emails, 10 weeks)
  • Single (1 email, 1 day)


Choose a campaign based on a theme that your users are likely to interact with
  • Amazon
  • Google Apps / Gmail
  • Outlook 365
  • Legal Threat

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